Our business is family owned and operated, specializing in skip hire and waste management in the Berkshire area. Over a decade ago our business was established. Since then, we have brought efficient waste management solutions to homes and commercial buildings in the area. We are proud of our ability to deliver effective waste disposal solutions on time, while keeping to best practice and requisite regulations. Our skip hire company services in Berkshire are also reasonably priced.

Through our skip hire company, we are able to provide these services at a cheap and affordable price

In addition to offering skip hire services at competitive rates in Berkshire, we have a strict policy of professionalism and responsibility. Our company strives to carry out these services to high quality standards while taking the stress out of your waste disposal problems. Since we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, we ensure that we recycle as much as we can using our specialised machinery. We strive for a minimum of 50% of your skip waste being recycled.

Principles of our Skip Company


Our well trained skip drivers all have the CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification. Wherever you are in Berkshire, we ensure our skip hire team will respond to your home or office within minutes. We have worked to improve our customer service and response time through the installation of GPS trackers on each of our vehicles, which allows us to control their location at all times.

Innovative Technology

Our substantial investment in continuous learning and technology shows our skip hire company’s commitment to discovering improved methods of green waste disposal. To improve the safety of Berkshire and reduce the effects of garbage, we are always working out new ways to improve our recycling and waste disposal techniques. Although our equipment already recycles up to 50% of waste, we want to improve this figure.

Environmentally Friendly

Across the world, people are unsure of the best way to dispose of unwanted items. The carbon density and pollution on the planet are growing issues of concern among many people. We play our role by informing customers about eco-efficient waste disposal methods and teaching our skip hire team the latest industry techniques. We don’t just preach environmental protection, we actually do something. As a people, we control the future of the planet earth – if we treat it well, then future generations will be able to enjoy it in all its glory.


All of our team members are experts in their field. As a team, we aim to do the best job we can, whether we are disposing of refuse, managing waste, or education people. If you are interested in better waste disposal practices, contact our Berkshire skip hire team. We would be happy to discuss our practice with you.

Our Skip Hire Business in Berkshire

Household Services

  • Book a skip online – Our online skip system provides a fast and convenient way to hire a skip. It is simple, we only need your location from the start and we discuss the important details later. Visit our site on https://skiphire-berkshire.co.uk.
  • Handy bags – You can store your waste temporarily in our low-cost convenient bags. Our bags are environmentally safe. They could be used by domestic and commercial consumers.
  • Grab lorry hire Out lorry hire service provides another option for use in circumstances where other methods are unsuitable.
  • House Clearances – We are able to provide a team to perform house clearances in Berkshire. All our solutions are fully customizable, and we can allow for one-time clearances or wait and fill collections.

Company Services

Skip hire from 3 to 12 yards in Berkshire

Companies in Berkshire have a broad selection of skip sizes to choose from at our one-stop skip hire company. We can provide various services from a one off hire to a multiple size collection service. Our skips are ideal for – Our clients are assured of direct waste disposal services and no sub-contacting parties. Our skip hire company handles every kilogram of waste removed from your Berkshire premises till its final recycled state.

Garbage Disposal in Berkshire

We offer garbage disposal as part of our commercial package. Rubbish clearance could be extended wait-fills or a one-time fill service, according to the nature of your rubbish. This option is ideal for restricted items where using a skip or simple handy-bags are not advisable. Our rubbish clearance truck can remove large volumes of compactable waste quickly and without issue.
Our skip hire company can also provide our vehicles for collections of multiple or separated waste material in Berkshire. We will never dump this material in landfill. The vehicle will usually come with just one driver/operator, but we are able to add more labour if needed. Services –

  • Large waste collections
  • Bulky waste clearance
  • Plant waste clearance
  • Landscaping waste

Total Waste Management in Berkshire

Our skip hire company conducts a “Zero Landfill” approach. Our company principles forbid any staff from dumping your refuse in a Berkshire landfill or anywhere else. Where a number of waste materials are produced, we aim for the highest level of recycling possible. By moving all your single waste materials to recycling, combined stream waste into sorting, we save costs through avoiding taxes from landfill. This action also improves your green credibility.
Green methods of waste disposal are becoming more important than ever in the UK. Often, customers themselves challenge clients to improve recycling habits and reduce their use of landfill. We have systems in place to recycle things like fluorescent tubes and even elimination of bulky waste. With our personalised services, our skip hire company can improve your Berkshire business efficiency by decreasing the effect of your waste on the environment. Our relationship starts with a click. To make a service booking, reach us online on https://skiphire-berkshire.co.uk or our business address –

Contact us now –

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